Welcome to the Custer Institute

Weather permitting, Saturday Night Observing is from 7pm to midnight
where volunteer Staff provide guided tours of the sky.

Check the moon-phase calendar here.
Check Custer's Weather here.

Doors open at 7pm

As the days grow shorter, the night comes earlier.
Please note, despite it getting dark earlier
Custer will not open until 7pm
Observing from the dome will begin by 8pm.

Please be patient and mindful that our staff are volunteers, mostly amateur astronomers; they are not paid professionals. All will do their best to make your visit pleasant and educational.

We depend on your generous donations
which are gratefully Accepted.

October 2017  

7pm PUMPKIN CARVING AND DECORATING -  Come and carve pumpkins for the Halloween Party, pumpkin judging October 28th for a prize!



Scary Ghost stories, Sťance, music, candy, costume contest, dancing and observing – BOO! 


November 2017


Custer Annual Astronomy Jamboree Weekend

A Custer tradition with distinguished speakers, workshops, dinner, poetry, and astronomer networking and of course, viewing.  A gathering of experts you don’t want to miss!

18 4:30pm Board Meeting. Members welcome.
December 2017  
8 All about telescopes and what to look for when buying one. Just in time for a Christmas gift! Annual presentation by Jeff Norwood of Camera Concepts
2018 !

Astronomy Day: 2018:    April 14   (new moon April 15)   

Jamboree: 2018    November 2-3-4

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Saturday Night Observing, open to public, 7pm to midnight, weather permitting Our telescopes are open for year round public viewing, and operated by experienced astronomers. See planets, distant Nebula, galaxies, and star clusters like you have never seen before!  Bring your own telescope and share stories and insights with other astronomers. Relax in our building and take in all the history of Custer. Visit our museum and telescope making equipment.
Check the moon calendar.
Plan your visit by reading this.


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