Welcome to the Custer Institute

Weather permitting, Saturday Night Observing is from 8pm to midnight
where volunteer Staff provide guided tours of the sky.
Clouds, fog, rain, and full moon nights are not good nights for observing,
but are good nights for indoor projects and maintenance.

Check the moon-phase calendar here.

Doors open at 7pm
Weather permitting, we observe from dark until Midnight.

We depend on your generous donations
which are gratefully Accepted.

June 2017  
6:00pm  The Rites of Spring Music Fest presents "Thought Experiments Under the Stars"

6:00pm - Exhibition and Conversation
An exhibition of musical scores followed by a conversation with BNL LSST Engineer Justine Haupt and east end composer George Cork Maul.

7:00pm - Concert
A concert of pieces at the intersection of music and science. This outdoor performance by percussion instruments will explore Animated Notation, a movement about the relationship between the visual and aural in art, and will explore music and motion.  A collaboration between The Custer Institute, a Stony Brook University Percussionist and the Hidden City Orchestra. 

Wine and chocolate tasting by Laurel Lake Vineyard and the North Fork Chocolate Company will follow.    

24 4:30pm Annual Meeting & BBQ Vote and make your voice heard at Custer then enjoy a summer barbecue and socialize with members
  8:30pm Blow up Hollywood - a musical event under the stars
Blow Up Hollywood, the ambient art-rock group, scores a celestial soundtrack for the night sky. With nine records over a fifteen year career, this veteran group will transform light into sound and usher in the summer sky. Don't miss this spectacular night of music performed under the stars.  $15 Non-Member, $12 Member, $10 Children. 8:30pm
July 2017 Stellafane
7:00pm The Red Door Chamber Players present "An American Show"
Join The Red Door Chamber Players and salute America as they play a stars and stripes inspired concert.  Enjoy a lovely mix of chamber music by American composers including the beloved “American” string quartet composed by Antonin Dvorak.  The Red Door Chamber Players' eclectic instrumentation of strings, winds, piano and voice will provide the audience with a potpourri of chamber music selections and musical surprises.  $15 Non-Members, $12 Members, $10 Children.
July 20-23


Enjoy the event with Custer members and other astronomers

August 2017  
21 (mon) Solar Eclipse Event.
Plan a trip or just watch this.
September 2017  
6:00pm  The Transitions Saxophone Quartet performs "A Little Night Music".
This performance will feature music inspired by nightfall spanning multiple genres and composers from Mozart to Thelonius Monk.  Join us for this compilation of music inspired by the stars.  $10 Non-Members, $8 Members, Children FREE.

6:00pm  John Joe Michael Roarty
This 2010 national guitar competition winner will demonstrate his mastery of the instrument and talent for composition in this magical performance.

October 2017  

Rob Schwimmer, Theremin and Haken Continuum

Theremin virtuoso, Rob Schwimmer, will educate, demonstrate and perform works on the theremin and a relatively new instrument called the Haken Continuum.  Non-Members $15, Members $12, Children $10


November 2017


Custer Jamboree

A Custer tradition with distinguished speakers, workshops, dinner, poetry, and astronomer networking and of course, viewing.  A gathering of experts you don’t want to miss!

2018 !

Astronomy Day: 2018:    April 14   (new moon April 15)   

Jamboree: 2018    November 2-3-4

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As the days grow longer, the night comes later.
Remember, Custer is run by volunteers,
Custer will open at 7pm.
Observing from the dome will begin after 8pm.

See you then!
Please be patient and mindful that our staff are volunteers, mostly amateur astronomers; they are not paid professionals. All will do their best to make your visit pleasant and educational.

Weather Permitting:

Saturday Night Observing, open to public, 7pm to midnight, weather permitting Staff provide guided tours of the sky. Clouds, fog, rain, and full moon nights are not good nights. The less moon, the better for most observing.
Check the moon calendar.
Plan your visit by reading this.


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