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The Custer Institute and Observatory is Long Island's oldest public observatory (est.1927). Open to the public every Saturday evening from dark until midnight, our staff of volunteers will give you a tour of the facilities and the night sky through our powerful telescopes. Custer has frequent lectures, classes,concerts, art exhibits and other special events. Consider our observatory for your next meeting or theme party.

David Barnett took this spectacular photo of a solar loop on April 6th
with his doubled-stacked 60 mm H-alpha (hydrogen-alpha) scope.

Weather & Electric Permitting:
Saturday Night Observing, open to public, dark to midnight, weather permitting Staff provide guided tours of the sky. Clouds, fog, rain, and full moon nights are not good nights. The less moon, the better for most observing. Check the moon calendar. Plan your visit by reading this.

Updated: 04-13-14
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